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Well.. you found it.. the "links" page of every personal website ever created. these are sites and artists that inspire me to do what ever i do. I realize there are tons of awesome artists out there, but these are the one's i listen to most and also the ones who have their own web sites.

Woah.. i actually added some new artists that i've been into recently... and I haphazardly tried to classify them although many of them shift styles from different albums and tracks.. but i did my best...

I'm always looking for sites to add here.. so email me is you know of any.

....real audio - live streams....
awesome assortment of almost any type of electronic music. great high-quality real audio streams. i've been a listener for 5 years.
another great site where you can choose several live dj streams including video feeds.
2 stations, jazzybeats and housemusique. both excellent.
lounge radio switzerland
great new jazz and downtempo. music for couch potatoes.



french loungy band, quite a unique sound.
fila brazillia
latin inspried nu jazz.. quite good.
thievery corporation
excellent jazzy music and chill beats.. never gets old
more excellent nu jazz.. very groovy and laid back
boards of canda
lush catchy chords and minimal hypnotic beats. an emotional soundtrack.
a live band.. more interesting and pop-influenced downtempo and trip-hop.
redefining spastic junglelistic rhythms for the rest of us to learn from.
tripped out moody melodies and hip-hoppy beats. truly inspirational.
very fascinating abstract broken rhythms, direct from India.
sometimes house, sometimes hip hop and breakbeat, sometimes just indescribable. always thick with funk.
mixmaster morris
the godfather of downtempo. he started a musical movement.
meat beat manifesto
pioneers of abstract downtempo and dub. sometimes beautiful and spacey, sometimes dark and industrial.
ground breaking ambient abstract and noise masters. redefining what music is.
the long-time kings and masters of ambient and dub. they have taught me things i can not explain. my personal favorite for almost a decade.
one of the most inspirational and ground breaking musicians i have ever heard. this guy is off his rocker and i love it. not for the weak stomach at times :) the new album "druqks" takes beat manipulation to a new level.
future sound of
i keep coming back to them.. they are absolutely 2 of the most talented musicians i know of. famous for their live isdn shows, the most emotional and mood-driving music out there. gods of samplers. by far the best downtempo/idm out there.
just discovered this artist recently. insane german experimental dance.
very fun to listen to, never serious and usually frivalous. featuring the singing computer boy band.. i love it.

drum n bass.jungle.illbient.breakbeat

drum n bass experimental master now moving on towads more of a deep techno sound.
maker beautiful atmospheric drum n bass. he also recently got into acting, u can see him in "snatch"
sometimes acid jazz, sometimes complex drum n bass.. including a female vocalist with an awesome soulful voice. they are also a great live act.
their single "hide u" was rated the best drum n bass track last year.. they also have a vocalist and dabble in more mainstream sounds. they also perform live.
a guy called gerald
abstract and atmospheric jungle mixed with more of a hip hop flavor.
amon tobin
sometimes electlic insane neo-drum n bass and acid jazz. usually eerie and spooky. always very high quality and well thought out. defininately recommended.
blu mar ten
beautiful atmospheric soundscapes with the occassional incredible hypnotic snares.
aquasky: masters of atmospheric, lush and sometimes dark drum n bass and an incredible live performance.


juno reactor
for 10 years, one of the founding artists of tribal trance and goa. the best trance out there, and an amazing live show.
rabbit in the
great trance and breaks. their live show is not to be missed. their live show at ultra 5 in miami was mind-blowing.

daft punk
gods of house and techno, now their music is in commercials. "one more time"
2 brothers, my favorite artists. mix of electro to idm, they have invented their own style.
dubtribe sound system
very clear and high quality house with some ethnic overtones. also their ambient stuff is amazing. one of the more inspirational artists reflecting my musical style, or at least what i wish it could be.
very popular group creating a mixture of styles, always with thick and dirty beats.
amazing trance and dance with an incredible vocalist. they put on an absolutely amazing show at ultra 5 in miami.
system 7
long-time creators of ambient and breaks.

....more to come....

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