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This is the section of shout outs and links to web pages made by people i know. Enjoy.

JThomas, Soon to be ex-coworker and inspiring blog writer. Check out his inner most personal views and beliefs about photography and macintoshes.

Sonik, inpirational and talented music producer and friend - capable of creating very evil and sick sounds.

Dirty Loop, record label started by the man, Robert Curcio. also a home for a few of several inspirational musicians and friends, including my old drinking buddy Perry "Paris" Ellis, Boom Bip - one of the most talented artists I know, and my ex-roomate J. Cru., a cool site by my friend heather with a lot of pics and a good messageboard for the cincinnati area; even some of me if you look hard enough.

DJ Shiva, one of the best techno dj's in the midwest.

ZeroPoint Records, home of the extraordinarily talented live drum n bass act and producers Beet and Bad Lieutenant, and home of Cincinnati's only drum n bass night, Gravity Bass.

Distorted Grooves, a collective of artists and musicians that I'm a part of... founded by Kenya Dubois, an inspirational musician and friend.

Adore Recordings, a music label founded by Kenya Dubois, featuring music by Popularity Contest Committee.

Subsonik, a cool site i designed almost 5 years ago, home of some of the best dj's and events in the midwest.

This is my friend Jason's production/artist promotion company, he gave me one of my first bookings :) In The Groove Productions.

A truly talented artist and musician, and a great source of inspiration. Check out Uplink.

These louisville kids produce awesome music and are into amigas! check out LOUiPiMPS.

Check out my sister Julia Berman's artwork at

Interested in Brain Anatomy? Want to know more about AIDS or migraine headache research? Or do you just want to see what she looks like? Find out about my mom.

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