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Hmm.. after much deliberation i decided to change this page to be links to fun, meaningless scripts i've found around the web. enjoy!

More fun flash programming.. another cool waste of time.

The Slogan Generator
Slogans are fun.

The Stupid Translator
This is great. It uses Google's translator and translates any website from English to another language and back to English. Try it out.. very silly.

The Slang Dictionary
Great resource for those who don't know what bomb-diggity means.

The Acronym Generator
Very useful tool for finding meaningless techy words used for an acronym.

IK Puppet
One of the mose amazing things I've seen in Flash.

Shake It
Making use of the most pointless javascript commands :)

The Ebonics Translator
A great tool to ebonifiy your whack english, fool.

This script looks at any web site and tells you what server software its running.

The Big Whois
Find out who owns just about any domain name you can think of.

<more to come>
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