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I have a Bachelor Degree of Science in Design (Digital Design) at the University of Cincinnati. I graduated in June 2002.

In the past been studying many fields and media in art and design, but my focus is the interactive. I want to make animations and strange interactive pices that are viewed in a sculpture-like installation. I want to create moving images and sound that noone has ever seen the likes of before. I want to make pieces that will be viewed on jumbo screens that wrap around a room. I'd like to excite and experiment with all the sences. I will have warnings that my art is likely to cause epileptic seizure.

Of course, none of this will happen anytime soon, if at all. I'm not the best at kissing up, begging for grants and funds to make this million-dollar high-tek art. So i resort to the web. You never know who or what your audience is. You never see them and almost never make contact. Yet they come, hundreds a day. Why do people surf? What are they looking for? Everyone is different. I just want them to experience something a little different. I have gone after a quite unusual audience, and I'm not sure why. A lot of people scuff at the internet, saying it's gotten too commercial and overrun by porn-seekers. I'm just trying to change that perception.

Here is a time line of the work I have on line by class:

Form & Motion - Fall 2000

Computational Ideation - Spring 2000

Learning Environment Tools - Fall 1999

Networked Communication: Methods - Fall 1999

Text to Hypertext / Interactive Multimedia Studio - Winter-Spring 1999

Digital Imaging Lab - Winter 1999

2d Form Methods - Autumn 1998

Computer Animation - 1996-1997

Drawings - 1994-1998

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