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After I redesigned this site in 1996 I believe the format of it is pretty easy to understand, but I am providing this page to describe what the navigational areas are in more detail.

The music page links you to infinite grey, my musical artist name. From there you can download audio clips of my music and see some pics of my live music performances.

The work page has a description of what I know and what i've accomplished during my employment as a web designer and programmer since 1995. There are also links to every major web site i've built.

The school section describes my school carreer in fine arts and digital design. This page has downloadable images and shockwave examples of my drawings and digital art.

My resume is pretty self explanatory. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

The video chat was an interface I designed in which you can see me at work and chat with me real-time. However, it is currently offline because the camera and computer it used to run on are now out of commission.

The guestbook allows you to sign or read a page of comments left by my web site audience.

The inspiration section has links to musical artists and musical simulcast sites that inspire me.

The others page has links to web sites of my friends and family.

The play-doh section is a few links to fun, meaningless scripts i've found around the web.

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